Smart is a Super Power: My So Called Secret Identity Web Comic Launches Today


mscsi facebook2

Will Brooker, who has written extensively about  modern pop culture and fandom, launches a new web comic at midnight on 17th February, featuring a female superhero, Catherine Abigail Daniels, who is very different to female depictions and stereotypes we have seen before in comics. Not only is she a PhD student, but intelligence is her super power. Will Brooker has written the series, and designed and produced it with an almost entirely female creative team. We really recommend you go and take a look at this vibrant and exciting first issue!

Their website, where you can read the comic and see behind the scenes sketches is:

They also have a Facebook page
and Twitter account (@cat_abi_daniels).

Issue 1 will be online permanently for free, in full colour, on its dedicated website, including sketches, designs and behind-the-scenes notes. Subsequent issues will be funded by donations through the site (suggested $5 minimum, with original art and other rewards for larger gifts). The money pays for the artists’ fees and a proportion is then donated to a women’s charity — for issue 2, they are funding‘.



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