New Textual Poachers special issue of the Journal of Fandom Studies published


Dear all,

A new issue, Volume 2, Issue 1, of the Journal of Fandom Studies has now been published. This is a special issue focusing on the anniversary of Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins. The table of contents are as follows:

Moving forward looking back
Authors:  Katherine Larsen
Tracing Textual Poachers: Reflections on the development of fan studies and digital fandom
Authors:  Lucy Bennett
‘I’m a Lawyer, Not an Ethnographer, Jim’: Textual Poachers and fair use
Authors:  Rebecca Tushnet
Doctor Who’s textual commemorators: Fandom, collective memory and the self-commodification of fanfac
Authors:  Matt Hills
Fan studies: Grappling with an ‘Undisciplined’ discipline
Authors:  Sam Ford
Fuck yeah, Fandom is Beautiful
Authors:  Francesca Coppa
For more information, please visit the journal website:

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