CFP: Shapeshifters, Cyborgs, and Psychedelics: Analyzing the Alternate Worlds of J. J. Abrams’ Fringe


Coeditors Sherry Ginn, Tanya R. Cochran, and Paul Zinder invite proposals or completed essays for an edited collection of scholarly works that explore J.J. Abrams’ science fiction television series Fringe (2008-present). We are interested in a variety of topics as well as diverse disciplinary approaches. Proposals should demonstrate not only a clear methodology and strong thesis but also a familiarity with current conversations and publications about the series. We would be especially pleased to see innovative perspectives on unusual topics such as the show’s paratexts or production elements. Though not prescriptive, the following list of topics may be productive to consider:

*Alternate Worlds *Auteur Theory—J.J. Abrams, creator *Broadcasting/Scheduling *Casting *Characters/Character Development *(Dis)Ability—representations of mental illness, psychotherapeutic techniques, (de)institutionalization *Drug Use—recreational use as well as therapeutic use of recreational drugs *Discourse Analysis *Fandom *Gender *Genre *Government Intervention/Conspiracy Theories *History—LSD trials, emergence of transpersonal psychology/Consciousness Studies *Intertextuality *Interpersonal Communication *Myth(ologies) *(Neuro)Science and Technology—ethics (e.g., human experimentations) *Philosophy/Spirituality/Religion *Paratexts—web content, fan fiction, glyphs *Production—cinematography, editing, musical score *Predecessors—The X-Files, Regenesis, Eleventh Hour, etc. *Psychology *Race *Rhetoric

We strongly recommend authors familiarize themselves with these publications to extend and/or challenge published analyses of the series:

*Grazier, Kevin R., ed. Fringe Science: Parallel Universes, White Tulips, and Mad Scientists. Dallas: Smart Pop, 2011. Print. *Stuart, Sarah Clarke. Into the Looking Glass: Exploring the Worlds of Fringe. Toronto: ECW, 2011. Print.

Queries are welcomed; please email us at Send 350-500-word proposals or 5,000-7,000-word essays in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) to the same email address; please label your attachment with “Fringe,” your last name, and the date (day.month.year)—e.g., “Fringe, Cochran, 1.3.12.” We suggest but do not require that proposals include a working bibliography. Please provide in a separate document or in the body of the email a brief biography and selected vita.

We are currently negotiating with a publisher and working on the following timeline:
*Proposals Due: 15 May 2012
*Notification of Acceptance: 15 June 2012
*First Drafts Due: 1 November 2012


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