CFP: Sherlock Holmes, Past and Present, London, 21 & 22 June 2013


This conference offers a serious opportunity to bring together academics, enthusiasts, creative practitioners and popular writers in a shared discussion about the cultural legacy of Sherlock Holmes. The Strand Magazine and the Sherlock Holmes stories contribute one of the most enduring paradigms for the production and consumption of popular culture in the twentieth- and the twenty-first centuries. The stories precipitated a burgeoning fan culture including various kinds of participation, wiki and crowd-sourcing, fan-fiction, virtual realities and role-play gaming. All of these had existed before but they were solidified, magnified and united by Sherlockians and Holmesians in entirely new ways and on scales never seen before. All popular culture phenomena that followed (from Lord of the Rings to Twilight via Star Trek) shared its viral pattern. This conference aims to unpick the historical intricacies of Holmesian fandom as well as offering a wide variety of perspectives upon its newest manifestations. This conference invites adaptors of and scholars on Holmes, late-Victorian writing, and popular culture internationally to contribute to this scholarly conversation. Our aims are to celebrate Conan Doyle’s achievement, to explore the reasons behind Holmes’ enduring popularity across different cultures and geographical spaces, and to investigate new directions in Holmes’ afterlife. This conference will precede Holmes’ 160th birthday in 2014 and launch a new volume of essays on Holmes co-edited by Dr. Jonathan Cranfield and Tom Ue, and form part of the larger celebrations in London and internationally. Location:
Senate House, London

Dates: 21 and 22 June 2013

Possible Topics:
Holmes and Detective Fiction
Holmes and Science
Becoming Holmes
Holmes and Gender
Holmes’ Costume
Holmes in Retirement
Holmes and His Boswell
Holmes and Steampunk
Holmes and Philosophy
Holmes and Moriarty
Holmes computer games
Holmes/Victoriana in the graphic novel (From Hell, Grandeville…)
Post-2000 film and television adaptation
Fan letters addressed to Holmes

Submit proposals of 350 words and biographies of 150 words by email to BOTH Jonathan at AND Tom at by 15 January 2013.


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