CFP: Intensities SI- Transmedia Relationships Between Film/Television and Board Games


CFP: Intensities SI- Transmedia Relationships Between Film/Television and Board Games

The term ‘transmedia storytelling’ has become a common one in media and cultural studies in recent years. Described by Henry Jenkins as stories told across multiple media, transmedia storytelling is not just an adaptation from one medium to another. Rather,

In the ideal form of TS, each medium does what it does best — so that a story might be introduced in a film, expanded through television, novels, and comics, and its world might be explored and experienced through game play. Each franchise entry needs to be self-contained enough to enable autonomous consumption. That is, you don’t need to have seen the film to enjoy the game and vice-versa. (Jenkins, 2003: online)

Video-games are among the media most frequently cited in discussions of transmedia storytelling, and academic analysis of video-games is many and varied. In this special issue, however, we turn our analysis to board games, and ask how they can be examined through the model of transmedia storytelling; what processes of adaptation are at work in turning a board game into a film or vice versa; and how do these adaptations or transmedia stories affect the ways in which the different texts are read and understood.

With this in mind, the journal Intensities will be producing a special issue based on these concerns, with the aim of bringing together contributors from a range of academic disciplines.  We hope to include papers which offer a wide range of perspectives on the processes of adapting board games to screen and vice versa, from analyses of the games themselves, to the responses of audiences to the screen adaptations, to the roles the games play in furthering fans’ interactions with the text(s).

We are currently accepting proposals of approximately 300 words in length, focusing on any element of the transmedia relationships and adaptive processes that occur between film/television and board games.  The available topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How adaptation theory is either applicable or needs rethinking based on the nature of the media.
  • Comparative case studies between film/television texts that have been adapted from board games and games that have their source in film/television texts.
  • How the adaptive processes from film/television to board games and vice versa are inherently different or similar.
  • Historical research into the production or industrial development of film/television texts or board games based on previously existing properties from the other medium.
  • The promotion and marketing of such adaptations and how they were directed to appeal to the general public.
  • The industrial logic and socioeconomic conditions which have deemed such texts as potentially profitable.

Please include a short bio of approximately 150 words, and state whether you believe your proposal is suited to a full paper of approximately 7,000 words, or a short paper of approximately 1,500 words.   All proposals should be sent to, to be received no later than 10 June 2013.


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