New Issue of Transformative Works and Cultures journal, on Comic Books is out now


The new issue, Volume 13, of Transformative Works and Cultures is now out!

This is a brilliant special issue on Appropriating, Interpreting, and Transforming Comic Books, edited by Matthew J. Costello, Saint Xavier University, Chicago.  It features the following articles:

Table of Contents

The super politics of comic book fandom
Matthew J. Costello

Fangirls in refrigerators: The politics of (in)visibility in comic book culture
Suzanne Scott

Earth 616, Earth 1610, Earth 3490—Wait, what universe is this again? The creation and evolution of the Avengers and Captain America/Iron Man fandom
Catherine Coker

Pornographic space-time and the potential of fantasy in comics and fan art
Lyndsay Brown

/Co/operation and /co/mmunity in /co/mics: 4chan’s Hypercrisis
Tim Bavlnka


Captain America and fans’ political activity
Forrest Phillips

The advocacy of Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), as seen in hetrez’s “Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York”
Babak Zarin

Professionalism: Hyperrealism and play
Amanda Odom

Fandom and male privilege: Seven years later
Rebecca Lucy Busker

Revisioning the smiling villain: Imagetexts and intertextual expression in representations of the filmic Loki on Tumblr
Kayley Thomas

Who is afraid of a black Spider(-Man)?
Ora C. McWilliams


Interview with comics artist Lee Weeks
Matthew J. Costello

Toward a feminist superhero: An interview with Will Brooker, Sarah Zaidan, and Suze Shore
Kate Roddy, Carlen Lavigne, Suzanne Scott


“Comic books and American cultural history: An anthology,” edited by Matthew Pustz HTML
Daniel Stein
“Of comics and men: A cultural history of American comic books,” by Jean-Paul Gabilliet HTML
Drew Morton

You can find and read it at the TWC website:


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