Popular Music and Society, Music Fandom Special Issue Published


Mark Duffett is editing two special issues on music fandom for Popular Music and Society, and the first of these has just been published. It features the following articles:

Introduction: Directions in Music Fan Research: Undiscovered Territories and Hard Problems
Mark Duffett

A Long Strange Trip: The Continuing World of European Deadheads
Peter Smith & Ian Inglis

“Anyone who Calls Muse a Twilight Band will be Shot on Sight”: Music, Distinction, and the “Interloping Fan” in the Twilight Franchise
Rebecca Williams

Diva Worship and the Sonic Search for Queer Utopia
Craig Jennex

Making Monsters: Lady Gaga, Fan Identification, and Social Media
Melissa A. Click, Hyunji Lee & Holly Willson Holladay

“His Soul Was Wandering and Holy”: Employing and Contesting Religious Terminology in Django Fandom
Siv B. Lie


My Music, Not Yours: Ravings of a Rock-and-Roll Fanatic
B. Lee Cooper

You can read the full issue here:



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