CFP: special ‘Stars’ edition of the Journal of British Cinema and Television


 Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical perspectives on British stardom (film, television, celebrity)
  • Genre and film stardom
  • Celebrity and British stardom
  • Audiences and fandom
  • Race, gender, class and ethnicity and British stardom
  • The international appeal of British stars
  • Transitions between media for British stars (film, theatre, television, music)
  • British stars abroad
  • Stardom and regional identity
  • Fashion and costume and British stardom
  • Auteurs and British film stars
  • Stardom and industrial contexts

The editors, Andrew Spicer and Melanie Williams, will require submissions by April 2014.

For details about the Journal:

For submission guidelines:

please address all enquiries about this to Andrew and Melanie:

Andrew Spicer>


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