CFP: Subverting Fashion: Style Cultures, Fan Culture & the Fashion Industry, St Mary’s University, London, 11th July 2014


Subverting Fashion is an interdisciplinary one-day conference to be held on Friday 11th July 2014 at St Mary’s University, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, London.
Abstract deadline: 20th March, 2014
Fashion is a paradox. On the one hand, fashion can represent consumerism, conformity and repression. But it can also be recognised as a means to communicate individuality, cultural and subcultural affiliations, personality and tastes, and expressions of identity. Subverting Fashion aims to explore appropriations of fashion and style as creativity, self-expression, collective identity and rebelliousness in media and culture, as well as questioning these approaches both within and outside the fashion industry.
We invite 250-word proposals for 20-minute papers on topics related to alternative fashion, style and performative identity in popular culture and the media. Papers from all disciplines and areas of research are invited, and we are particular looking for contributions in the areas of:
·      Analysis of subcultural styles and identities, including body modification and tattooing, and various forms of anti-fashion
·      Explorations of DIY fashion, including handicrafting, fibre and textile arts
·      Studies of cosplay, fan costuming and live action role play
·      Accounts of costuming in film, television and theatre
·      Approaches to fashion and style in reality TV
·      Research into fashion and commodification of gender in the print media
·      Studies of fashion in relation to size, physical appearance and difference (particularly gender and ethnicity, but also class, sexuality, disability, age and religion), including the relation of fashion, cosmetics and cosmetic surgery to notions of beauty
Proposals and enquiries should be sent to:
Maria Mellins (
Brigid Cherry (


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