Call for Papers: “The Godfather” Intellect Fan Phenomena Series


Now accepting abstracts to be considered for a new book Fan Phenomena: The Godfather from Intellect Press. This title will be part of the latest series of Fan Phenomena books, which aim to explore and decode the fascination we have with what constitutes an iconic or cultish phenomenon and how a particular person, TV show or film infiltrates its way into the public consciousness.

The Godfather (Fan Phenomena) title will examine the film’s fan culture, its role as an enduring critical and commercial success, its influence on American and international cinema, as well as other areas of influence and social impact. Subjects are to be addressed in a thoughtful and accessible manner aimed at both fans and those interested in the filmic, cultural and social aspects of The Godfather and its sequels.

Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

* the film’s success as both critical and popular artifact

* influence on television and long-form televisual narratives

* quality film sequels

* the American Dream

* perceptions of Italian Americans

* food

* literature and (fan) fiction

* influence on mobster and gangsta culture

* philosophy and business ethics

* online tributes and video games

* Italian Cinema

* music and music culture

Ten essays will be selected and published.

Abstracts should be 300 words long. Please include a CV or resume with your abstract. Abstracts due March 31, 2014. Final chapters of 3,000-3,500 words will be due July 31, 2014. Please direct all questions and submissions to editor Arthur Lizie


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