CFP: Stardom and Celebrity in Contemporary India, Indian Journal of Comparative Literature & Translation Studies, special issue


Call For Papers/V. 2, N. 3/ IJCLTS 2.3/ June, 2014


ISSN: 2321-8274




Issue Editor- Rakesh Ramamoorthy

Asst. Professor of English, St.John’s College.


Shahrukh Khan, Anna Hazare, M.S. Dhoni, Shiney Ahuja, A.R. Rahman, M.S. Subbalekshmi, Saina Nehwal, Arundhati Roy, Sanjay Dutt, Vava Suresh…….

A random list of famous Indians such as the one given above is enough to remind one of the wide range of celebrities who are in the limelight in contemporary India. They range from film stars to politicians, from sport stars to activists, from darlings of the masses to widely hated ‘villains’, from pan-Indian and global celebrities to stars whose fame exists within specific regions.

The forthcoming issue of IJCLTS will seek to decode the politics of stardom in post-1990s India. The informing assumption is that there is no single culture of celebrity and the issue will endeavor to highlight the co-existence of multiple domains of celebrity culture in India. We invite scholars all over the world to submit critical essays that are analytic and that are informed by the extant work on celebrity studies. The areas of interest include but are not limited to:

Ø  Theorizing the Indian celebrity

Ø  The global circulation of Indian celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, A.R. Rahman etc.

Ø  The apparatuses of the Celebrity Industry in India: The media (magazines, websites, TV shows), the events (Film launches), product tie-ins etc.

Ø  The conventional domains of stardom: Authors, Filmstars, Sports Stars etc.

Ø  Crime and Celebrity: Criminals and victims, especially the fame (or notoriety) accrued in conjunction with rape cases.

Ø  The public intellectual/activist as celebrity.

Ø  Fandom: Study of Fan identities across various domains of celebrities, including the study of Fan Clubs (online as well as ‘real life’)

The pertinent master categories of India studies – class, caste, gender and region – could inform the prospective contributions. In keeping with the overall scope of the journal, we would especially welcome comparatist approaches to celebrity studies and would welcome works that focus on regional language representations and analysis of celebrities whose fame circulates within certain regions.

We invite original, unpublished and innovative work from across the disciplines and across the world. The extent of the essays should be between 3000-5000 words. We also welcome shorter but rigorously analytic pieces (500-1500 words) whose scope is less extensive than that of an essay but which raises a pertinent point regarding celebrity culture. Besides the articles on above said topics we inviteTRANSLATIONS, INTERVIEWS, and BOOK REVIEWS etc. on any area. All submissions should adhere to the MLA 7th edition style sheet, failing which they would be rejected without any notice the quality of the work notwithstanding. Paper can be sent to by 31st May 2014. No paper will be accepted after the dead line. For further enquiries please feel free to contact the issue editor ( or the editors. For more details you can visit our site mentioned below:

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