Call for Chapters: Jessica Jones edited collection



Netflix’s Original Series Jessica Jones, released December 2015, has received roaring critical acclaim and has established a monumental fan base. As both academics and fans of the series, we are intrigued by the amount of online and offline discussion that has arisen–especially among its many fans–on issues regarding gender and race politics, Netflix Original Series content, and feminism. Acknowledging and citing the series as a site of rich cultural content, we invite submissions for an edited collection based on Marvel’s Jessica Jones. In putting together this edited collection, our goal is to approach this from a variety of disciplinary lenses, touching upon media, fan, women, and gender studies.

Some questions we ask are: How does the representation of women’s bodies open up conversations of trauma and consent? Does Netflix original series content change the landscape of present and future television/small screen programming? How do fans engage with the series’ traumatic content?

Possible topics for submission include but are not limited to:

The political economy of Netflix productions and/or the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it relates to Jessica Jones
Politics of representation (gendered bodies, racialized bodies, rape, PTSD)
Representations of rape, assault, and gender-based violence
Consent culture
Audience reception and Jessica Jones fandom
Jessica Jones on social media

Submission Guidelines
Please submit in one (1) Word document (.doc/.docx) an abstract of approximately 200 words outlining your intended chapter. The abstract should clearly state a purpose or research question, methodology/theoretical framework, and (preliminary) results/conclusion. Please include a short (no longer than 100 words) biography of yourself and your contact information to: by August 1, 2016.

We will contact you once we review all submissions (mid-September) at which time, we will provide further details for the final papers (Due December 15, 2016).

If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Priya Rehal, York & Ryerson Universities
Jessica Bay, York & Ryerson Universities
Mary Grace Lao, York & Ryerson Universities


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