CFP: Fandom Generated Content session, V Congreso Internacional Latina de Comuncación Social, 4th December 2013, Tenerife, Spain



The call for papers for the “V Congreso Internacional Latina de Comuncación Social” is now open. We would like to invite you to send your proposals for the session on Fandom Generated Content that will take place the 4th of December in Tenerife (Spain).
In the contemporary media landscape, the figure of the fan as a new communicative agent is becoming more prominent. In an age marked by the web 2.0, the hybridization of forms and contents, and the technological convergence, the fan is an active player who participates, creates and collaborates in the construction of any type of media content.
Through a multidisciplinary approach to Fandom Studies, this session aims to explore the discursive production of this collective of people from different perspectives of Communication Studies as a framework. We would like to answer questions such as: What is the role of fans in the commercial communication of brands? In which ways can the fandom of a particular fictional work contribute to the expansion of the original text? What types of works and sources are used by fans in order to construct their own messages?

We would like to receive contributions on these and any other topics related to contents generated by fans. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is the 31st October, 2013. If you are interested, please send a 300-word abstract with your name and university affiliation to
For more information, please visit the website of the congress:


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