CFP: Edited collection – ‘Transitions, endings and resurrections in fandom’


Periods of transition and change, as well as endings, can have huge impact on fans who either engage with texts collectively via fan communities or who have more individual connections with fan objects. This edited collection seeks to draw on existing work on fandom in this area to offer greater insight into how fans respond to and cope with transitions or periods of ending such as actors or characters leaving television shows; the cancellation of shows entirely; the deaths of famous people; the splitting up of bands or the ends of careers of musical acts; players leaving particular sports teams, and so on. It also examines how fandom continues and changes after these periods of transition or cessation, exploring ongoing practices such as fan discussion, creativity, or identification, along with cases of fans who may abandon favoured objects and move onto new objects of fandom entirely. Issues of return and resurrection can also be explored to examine cases such as returning television series, the reforming of musical bands, or the revival or reboot of a film franchise.

The proposed collection draws on the work being conducted on endings more broadly by writers such as Jason Mittell (2013), C. Lee Harrington (2012) and Joanne Morreale (2011), and on specific fan studies including Bertha Chin’s work on post-series X-Files fandom (2012), Bore & Hickman’s (2011) study of post-West Wing fan practices on Twitter, Whiteman and Metevier’s (2013) study of the ends of online fan communities, and Rebecca Williams’ (2011; forthcoming) work on fan reactions to the ends of television shows. However, it seeks to extend these approaches and offer new ways of theorising periods of transition and change, as well as the concept of the ‘ending’ in fandoms, along with broadening the field of inquiry beyond television to consider examples including cinema, popular literature, games, sport, celebrity, music, TV, media technology (e.g. hardware, consoles) and more.

The collection already has a number of proposed chapters but I now invite proprosals on the from other interested contributors. I am particularly interested in proposals on the following topics:

• The impact of media production contexts
• Transmedia and multi-platforming
• Fan reactions to deaths of celebrities
• Examples of fan objects on hiatus (where a return is unknown)
• The role of memory and/or nostalgia
• The role of archives and/or memorials
• Fan activism and endings/transitions
• Non-Western case studies
• Endings and transitions in sports fandom

Please send an abstract of 300 words, along with a short author biography of 150 words to Dr. Rebecca Williams by 15th February 2015. Please also address any queries to this email address.


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