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CFP: The Fan Studies Network: New Connections, New Research

May 4, 2012

Formed in March 2012, the Fan Studies Network was created with the idea of cultivating a space in which scholars of fandom could easily forge connections with other academics in the field, and discuss the latest topics within fan studies. Having attracted close to 200 members, the network is already fostering a sense of community and engendering fruitful debate. We intend to capture this dynamic intersection of scholars working in the field, and present it in a special issue of Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies.


Hunting the Dark Knight: Twenty-first Century Batman

April 24, 2012

(Information from the I.B. Tauris website)

Publishing alongside the world premiere of Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, Will Brooker’s new book explores Batman’s twenty-first century incarnations. Brooker’s close analysis of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight offers a rigorous, accessible account of the complex relationship between popular films, audiences, and producers in our age of media convergence. By exploring themes of authorship, adaptation and intertextuality, he addresses a myriad of questions raised by these films: did Batman Begins end when The Dark Knight began? Does its story include the Gotham Knight DVD, or the ‘Why So Serious’ viral marketing campaign? Is it separate from the parallel narratives of the Arkham Asylum videogame, the monthly comic books, the animated series and the graphic novels? Can the brightly campy incarnations of the Batman ever be fully repressed by The Dark Knight, or are they an intrinsic part of the character? Do all of these various manifestations feed into a single Batman metanarrative? This will be a vital text for film students and academics, as well as legions of Batman fans.


March 8, 2012

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely you have an interest in fandom or fan studies. If so, welcome! This blog will feature posts such as CFPs or announcements that scholars may find of interest. If there is anything you think we should feature, please get in touch.

If you are interested in joining the network, please sign up to our discussion list at Myself and the rest of the FSN team hope it will be a fruitful forum, which will prove useful in terms of making contacts, asking for advice, and sharing ideas.

In the spirit of fostering a sense of community, we’d like to encourage all subscribers to send a message to the list, saying a little bit about yourself and your research.To kick things off, then:

I am Tom Phillips, and am in my final year of PhD research at the University of East Anglia. My thesis is a case study of the online fan community of filmmaker Kevin Smith, examining the discourses in which the culture operates, and how further on- and offline interaction both informs and is informed by those discourses. Other side projects which touch upon fandom are my examination of the way comedy shapes interaction for fans of online video series The Angry Video Game Nerd, and a look at transmedia consumption of BBC series Psychoville.

Once again, welcome to the Fan Studies Network, and I look forward to hearing about your work!

Jiscmail Discussion List

March 7, 2012

The FSN Jiscmail email discussion list is now live. Sign up at Once you’re there, feel free to send a message to other members of the network. We’d love to hear about you and your research interests, so please don’t be shy – the FSN is about bringing fan studies scholars together and making connections.

The Fan Studies Network

March 3, 2012

Welcome to this blog site, established by Lucy Bennett (Cardiff) and Tom Phillips (UEA) in order to start a worldwide network of fan studies scholars. At present the blog features CFPs and conference announcements that you may find useful, so please point us in the direction of any we may have missed. In the next few days we hope to establish a Jiscmail list, in order to facilitate communication and networking between academics in our field.

For now, you can contact us here:


Or follow us on Twitter: